Sell The Product Before It Exists

When I meet with new founders, I tell nearly all of them something which really bends their worldview: go sell your product before you’ve written the first line of code. “What??? Isn’t that lying?” As an early stage company, your velocity is so much faster than any enterprise, that no, it is not, because what you are selling will be there before they can implement it. Most founders are technical. Through some lived experience, they have discovered something that could be improved with their new technology.

Founder Market Fit

Most Silicon Valley origin stories start out like “while working at X amazing technology company, we saw this unique challenge that inspired us to create this amazing new technology” or “while running Sales at Y enterprise company, we realized we could revolutionize software sales”. For us, the story started very differently. We started team first instead of idea first. We had worked together at Splunk, and we had developed a strong working relationship and a lot of trust.


Welcome It’s been two years since I first established this blog with the intention of writing about entrepreneurship. I wrote a few Cribl-related technical blog posts, and I’ve struggled to find the time to put down my thoughts to paper. As Cribl has surpassed $100M in ARR and we’ve scaled beyond 600 people, my thoughts are turning towards capturing insights from our early journey before they fade even further from my memory.