I’m Clint Sharp. I am a husband, father, entrepreneur, co-founder, investor, and philanthropist. My wife, Melanie and I have been married over 20 years. We live in Oakland, CA but also spend a significant amount of time in Napa. We have a teenage son who’s in his sophomore year of high school.


Professionally, I am co-founder and CEO of Cribl. We are an observability company. Our flagship product LogStream is an observability pipeline that helps route telemetry data from any source to any destination. On this blog, I’ll primarily be writing about entrepreneurship, technology, investing, and charity. I blogged often back in the mid-2000s, but for the last 10 years my writing has primarily been professional and related to my job. Cribl’s been on an amazing journey for the last nearly 5 years, and I have learned a number of valuable lessons I hope to be able to communicate through my writings.


I invest in startups. Currently, my portfolio is small, but through GOAT investments myself and my co-founders are backing entrepreneurs we can help coach and advise.


Melanie and I are currently the primary backers of Jessi’s House in Fort Smith, Arkansas, my home town. Jessi’s House provides transitional housing to LGTBQ young adults who may find themselves homeless. Jessi’s House is headquartered in our home in beautiful historic Fort Smith, and we are providing the seed funding to get the charity off the ground.


I’m a Landscape Photographer, although I’m not as active as I used to be. My photo gallery is on Smugmug.